What happened to October?

HPLFF 2019 Poster

This has been an action-packed month and I wanted to share a few things before it is over! The 2019 HP Lovecraft Film Festival has come and gone, and this year was one for the record books. For the first time in its 24 year history, the festival sold out entirely in advance of the first day. Having been involved in the HPLFF for something like 15 years, it’s been a privilege to see how the festival has developed, and it was an honor to create the art for this year’s poster. 2019’s high points included Guest of Honor Victoria Price, special guests Roger Corman and Richard Stanley, and the regional premier of Stanley’s feature film Color Out of Space.

Color Out of Space created quite a stir in the weeks leading up to the festival, and now having seen it I completely understand why. I admit to being somewhat nervous about how the film would turn out. As a regular at weird fiction events, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Richard Stanley over the years and to see his presentation on the film concept at the HPLFF last year. I know enough about film to know that films are a series of compromises and negotiations. Unless one is making a film solo, even a director only has so much control. I very much liked what Stanley wanted to do with the story, but I had no idea how much of his vision would be realized. (If you’d like to read the original H.P. Lovecraft story, The Colour Out of Space is free to read here. It’s one of my favorites of his oeuvre.) 

I did my best to temper my expectations in the lead up to finally seeing Color Out of Space, but suffice it to say I was blown completely away. It was horrifying yet visually stunning and surprisingly tender. Without giving anything away, I can say that the special effects makeup ranked among some of the most sophisticated I’ve seen in a sci-fi/horror movie in recent years, the sound design was understated in a way that brought an atmosphere of creeping dread to the entire movie, and Nicolas Cage didn’t disappoint. The general sentiment I heard voiced during the rest of HPLFF was that it was either one of the best feature film adaptations of a Lovecraft story, or the best. 


Seeing Color Out of Space was extra exciting for me because two of my art shirts – Wyrm and Woodland Rites – were chosen for the wardrobe of one of the main characters, Lavinia Gardner. I’d known they were being used since early this year, but I had no idea if they’d really be visible. They were. The Wyrm in particular enjoys some exciting screen time, and as someone with a lifelong love of movie monsters, seeing something I created on the big screen along with a horrendous creature was a transcendent experience. 

Color Out of Space will have a general theatrical release in January 2020, so if it sounds like your cup of tea, see it on a big screen with a decent sound system. If you’d like to be that weirdo in the theater wearing a shirt that appears in the film you’re watching, Wyrm shirts are available here and Woodland Rites shirts may be found here.

Speaking of shirts, if you would like to snag a HPLFF festival shirt bearing my art, you can still order one  through Halloween. This is a limited edition, so once it’s gone it’s gone for good. This year’s poster is also available until it sells out, and you can get yours here.

I’ll be showing a selection of new and unique prints (such as the hand-tinted artist proof of Supplication seen to the right) at Bite Studio’s First Friday here in Portland. Featuring new works by Leslie Pohl-Kosbau, Candace Corbin, and myself. This show is only open Friday, November 1st, from 6 – 10 PM.

This Friday


I’ll be showing a selection of new and unique prints (such as the hand-tinted artist proof of Supplication seen to the right) at Bite Studio’s First Friday here in Portland. Featuring new works by Leslie Pohl-Kosbau, Candace Corbin, and myself. This show is only open Friday, November 1st, from 6 – 10 PM.

Bite Studio is located at 
2000 SE 7th Ave 
Portland, OR 97214

It’s Spooky Season

Creating the crown

Halloween is nearly here, and it wouldn’t be right to not create something in the spirit of the season! I’ve not yet started my pumpkins, but I have been working on my own catacomb saint. These bejeweled creations were popular in the Middle Ages and intended to remind the faithful of the riches awaiting them in Heaven. Traditionally they were made of human skeletons and decorated with precious gems. However, if you don’t have any real skeletal remains handy, store-bought is fine! You can find a complete write-up of the background and process on my Patreon page.

Oh, and if you need some last minute spookiness, check out the new shop on Hawthorne, Danse Macabre. They offer an array of art (including a selection of my serigraphs), natural curiousities, and have an especially impressive selection of leather and traditional Italian paper mache masks!

Danse Macabre is located at
4726-B SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97215

Have a happy Halloween!

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Introducing the Raven lapel pin (with a special pre-order price)

I’ve been a fan of lapel pins for years and enjoy collecting them. I love good quality pins because in addition to making lapels more exciting, they are lasting and portable keepsakes. Creating my own has been a personal goal for quite some time, so I’m excited to announce my first enameled lapel pin, the Raven. The Raven lapel pin is designed from my original woodcut art with a color scheme based upon a color artist proof. Rendered in gold plate and soft enamel with sandblasted elements (key and flames) to give a bit of extra dimension to the finished pin. As you can see in the concept art below, we’re packing a lot of detail into this sturdy little (1.25 inch) pin! The Raven pin will be priced at $15 each, but if you pre-order now, it will yours for just $10 plus $3 shipping within the USA.

This pre-order price offer ends as soon as the pins are finished, and production has already begun. Unless a delay arises, I expect the pins to be ready to ship before the end of July, so place your pre-order while you can!

Prefer to not use Paypal? You can also pre-order via my Etsy Store.

Please note, finished lapel pin will look slightly different from concept art because it will be an actual 3 dimensional object made of metal and enamel, not just pixels on your screen.