Holiday Pop-up Market at Zoiglhaus

Zoiglhaus Brewing Company will be hosting the second annual Holiday Market Pop-Up in association with the Lents Grown Business Association. Saturday, December 15th from 12-4 PM, the Zoigl-Lounge will become a holiday market featuring the work of numerous local artists and makers. Textiles, jewelry, baked goods, and of course woodcut prints will be among some of the available offerings!

Zoiglhaus makes fantastic pretzels, schnitzel, and beer, so might I suggest planning on a little time for a bite to eat? (Seriously, minor skirmishes over the division of the pretzels are normal at my table when we dine.) 

Zoiglhaus Brewing Company is located at
5716 SE 92nd Ave
Portland, OR 97266


Shows on Dec 6 & 7th

Join us for the ’Tis the Season Art Show and Sale at Bite Studio’s First Friday, December 6th from 6 – 10 PM. I’ll be showing some affordable screen prints (such as the Moth seen here) alongside many other Bite Studio print artists, plus some guest artists offering jewelry, ceramics, and more!

Bite Studio is located at 2000 SE 7th Ave, Portland, OR

Reviving an honored OCAC tradition, 30+ artists will offer fine craft and handmade gifts at The Art of Craft Holiday Market! The Alliance of Oregon College of Art Craft Alumni sponsors this sale of well-crafted, one-of-a-kind goods that are perfect for everyone on your holiday shopping list! This pop-up market is for one day only on Saturday, December 7th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at Alberta Abbey. Note, I’ll have more space at this event than any other this month, so this is the best show to visit if you want a large selection of my limited edition original woodcuts. I’m even bringing out my last framed Woodland Rites first edition. 

Alberta Abbey is located at 126 NE Alberta St,
Portland, OR. 


What happened to October?

HPLFF 2019 Poster

This has been an action-packed month and I wanted to share a few things before it is over! The 2019 HP Lovecraft Film Festival has come and gone, and this year was one for the record books. For the first time in its 24 year history, the festival sold out entirely in advance of the first day. Having been involved in the HPLFF for something like 15 years, it’s been a privilege to see how the festival has developed, and it was an honor to create the art for this year’s poster. 2019’s high points included Guest of Honor Victoria Price, special guests Roger Corman and Richard Stanley, and the regional premier of Stanley’s feature film Color Out of Space.

Color Out of Space created quite a stir in the weeks leading up to the festival, and now having seen it I completely understand why. I admit to being somewhat nervous about how the film would turn out. As a regular at weird fiction events, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Richard Stanley over the years and to see his presentation on the film concept at the HPLFF last year. I know enough about film to know that films are a series of compromises and negotiations. Unless one is making a film solo, even a director only has so much control. I very much liked what Stanley wanted to do with the story, but I had no idea how much of his vision would be realized. (If you’d like to read the original H.P. Lovecraft story, The Colour Out of Space is free to read here. It’s one of my favorites of his oeuvre.) 

I did my best to temper my expectations in the lead up to finally seeing Color Out of Space, but suffice it to say I was blown completely away. It was horrifying yet visually stunning and surprisingly tender. Without giving anything away, I can say that the special effects makeup ranked among some of the most sophisticated I’ve seen in a sci-fi/horror movie in recent years, the sound design was understated in a way that brought an atmosphere of creeping dread to the entire movie, and Nicolas Cage didn’t disappoint. The general sentiment I heard voiced during the rest of HPLFF was that it was either one of the best feature film adaptations of a Lovecraft story, or the best. 


Seeing Color Out of Space was extra exciting for me because two of my art shirts – Wyrm and Woodland Rites – were chosen for the wardrobe of one of the main characters, Lavinia Gardner. I’d known they were being used since early this year, but I had no idea if they’d really be visible. They were. The Wyrm in particular enjoys some exciting screen time, and as someone with a lifelong love of movie monsters, seeing something I created on the big screen along with a horrendous creature was a transcendent experience. 

Color Out of Space will have a general theatrical release in January 2020, so if it sounds like your cup of tea, see it on a big screen with a decent sound system. If you’d like to be that weirdo in the theater wearing a shirt that appears in the film you’re watching, Wyrm shirts are available here and Woodland Rites shirts may be found here.

Speaking of shirts, if you would like to snag a HPLFF festival shirt bearing my art, you can still order one  through Halloween. This is a limited edition, so once it’s gone it’s gone for good. This year’s poster is also available until it sells out, and you can get yours here.

I’ll be showing a selection of new and unique prints (such as the hand-tinted artist proof of Supplication seen to the right) at Bite Studio’s First Friday here in Portland. Featuring new works by Leslie Pohl-Kosbau, Candace Corbin, and myself. This show is only open Friday, November 1st, from 6 – 10 PM.

This Friday


I’ll be showing a selection of new and unique prints (such as the hand-tinted artist proof of Supplication seen to the right) at Bite Studio’s First Friday here in Portland. Featuring new works by Leslie Pohl-Kosbau, Candace Corbin, and myself. This show is only open Friday, November 1st, from 6 – 10 PM.

Bite Studio is located at 
2000 SE 7th Ave 
Portland, OR 97214

It’s Spooky Season

Creating the crown

Halloween is nearly here, and it wouldn’t be right to not create something in the spirit of the season! I’ve not yet started my pumpkins, but I have been working on my own catacomb saint. These bejeweled creations were popular in the Middle Ages and intended to remind the faithful of the riches awaiting them in Heaven. Traditionally they were made of human skeletons and decorated with precious gems. However, if you don’t have any real skeletal remains handy, store-bought is fine! You can find a complete write-up of the background and process on my Patreon page.

Oh, and if you need some last minute spookiness, check out the new shop on Hawthorne, Danse Macabre. They offer an array of art (including a selection of my serigraphs), natural curiousities, and have an especially impressive selection of leather and traditional Italian paper mache masks!

Danse Macabre is located at
4726-B SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97215

Have a happy Halloween!


NecronomiCon 2019 schedule

“It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s..OH GOD, IT’S GOT TENTACLES!”

Nope, it’s just your friendly neighborhood woodcut artist here to tell you about my schedule for NECRONOMICON 2019, happening this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 23rd through 25th, in Providence, Rhode Island! You can find out more about this convention of the Weird and Terrible at

THURSDAY, August 22nd from 6PM to 8PM, I will be at the opening reception for ARS NECRONOMICA, held at the Providence Art Club, 11 Thomas Street, 02903, along with many of my other fellow artists. If you can’t make the opening reception, not to worry! The exhibit will also be open during regular gallery hours: Weekdays, Noon to 3:00pm; Saturday and Sunday, 2:00 to 4:00pm. You can find out more about this exhibit at

ALL CONVENTION LONG – I will be vending in the GRAND EMPORIUM OF THE WEIRD in the Narragansett Ballroom at the Omni Hotel (1 W. Exchange Street, 02903). I will have a selection of my original hand-pulled woodblock prints, as well as silk-screened reproductions of some of my more popular works. Tee shirts with my works on them will also be available through my friends at Arkham Bazaar. Access is free to all convention pass holders, and $5 for general public admission.

Emporium hours:
Thursday – closed for vendor set-up 4:30-9pm
Friday – 11am to 6pm (Golden Keys and Silver Keys get early admission at 10am) – please note that we will be closing temporarily from 2:55 PM to 4:20 PM to attend a panel discussion.
Saturday – 10am to 6pm
Sunday – 11am to 4pm

SATURDAY from 4:30-5:45pm, I will be moderating the panel A LITTLE STRANGER: THE ART AND LIFE OF EDWARD GOREY, which will be held in the Washington-Newport Room, Omni 3rd Floor. Join me and my fellow panelists (Thomas Broadbent, Tanya Finder, Gregory Hischak, Stephen Wilson) for a discussion of the life and macabre Edwardian art of Edward Gorey.

I hope to see you all there, but if you can’t make it, how about at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, OR? They’ve just started their annual Kickstarter and I’m thrilled to be creating a woodcut for this year’s poster!


Icons & Oddities

I’ll be showing at one of my very favorite places in Seattle, Gargoyles Statuary, in just a little over one wee.! I’m still selecting art for the show and framing, but I will be debuting certain new weird fiction inspired works there. I’ll only be attending the opening reception on the 19th, but the art will hang through August 14th. Hope to see you there!


Happy Halloween!

Wishing you a Happy Halloween

It should come as no surprise, Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. It brings me fond memories of working on costumes with my mom and grandma, and the thrill of pretending to be something different while dashing through the night with friends. Now that I’m on the other side of the treat distribution, pumpkin carving is one of my favorite Halloween traditions, and this year, as in past years, I spent a ridiculous amount of time mulling over what to carve. I knew I wanted to do just one big pumpkin instead of several smaller ones, and I was sketching up a witch’s sabbat scene, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Then I heard the news that one of my favorite musicians, Michael Derks, has been diagnosed with a potentially fatal bone cancer, myelofibrosis. You may never have heard of him, but you’ve probably heard of the band he plays in: Gwar.  Balsac-pumpkin-light-web

For the uninitiated, Gwar is a metal band of degenerate alien warriors, who put on spectacularly messy shows and regularly test the bounds of free speech and good taste. It’s a labor of love, and I admire the sheer amount of work they put into such glorious weirdness. They’re great musicians, and work hard to create their props, costumes, and mythologies. Derks has been a part of Gwar since 1988 and for most of that time has played guitar as the character Balsac, The Jaws of Death.

The man inside the alien is a good guy, and he’s continuing their current tour despite needing periodic transfusions. He’s going to need a bone marrow transplant if he’s going to beat myelofibrosis, so he’s set up a virtual donor drive to help get more potential donors registered. By registering you help create a larger pool of potential donors for EVERYONE who needs a bone marrow transplant. You can find out more here.





Norwescon, Gargoyles, and Three Hands Press


The Wyrm screen print on maple wood veneer. I usually sort prints on the table, but I held this one up and was surprised by how translucent it is!

I’ve been feverishly working to complete my large-scale project for Three Hands Press. The final deadline is May 15th, and although I am eschewing nearly every activity other than art-making, I made a commitment last year to be part of Norwescon 40 this week, so I’ll be heading up to Seattle tomorrow, and I’m taking a lot of art with me, including the new Wyrm screen prints.

Where you can find me at Norwescon
This annual sci-fi/fantasy convention will take place in SeaTac, Washington on April 13th – 16th, in which participants will be treated to over 500 hours of panel programming featuring more than 200 panelists. These panels cover fantasy and science fiction writing, art, cosplay, genre TV and film, and much more. This year, I will be appearing as a panelist in addition to contributing a selection of my framed and unframed prints to the art show, and offering a live carving demonstration. Below is the list of events I’ll be taking part in:

Printmaking: Ink & Blocks
5:00pm – 6:00pm @ Cascade 13
Mimi Noyes (M), Liv Rainey-Smith, Laura Tempest Zakroff

Art in Action: Woodcut carving demo
This will be my only carving demo — enamel pins, cards, and a small selection of prints will also be available

Monster Mash for Mature Mad Scientists
1:30pm – 3:30pm @ Cascade 13
Mimi Noyes (M), Liv Rainey-Smith

Creativity & Disabilities
10:00am – 11:00am @ Cascade 11
Jeliza Patterson-McGuire (M), Lillian Cohen-Moore, Elizabeth Adams, Liv Rainey-Smith, Raven J. Demers

Your Online Image As An Artist
12:00pm – 1:00pm @ Cascade 11
Joy Alyssa Day (M), Liv Rainey-Smith, Laura Tempest Zakroff, Cory Ench, Elizabeth Adams

Should You Go To Art School?
2:00pm – 3:00pm @ Cascade 13
Theresa Halbert (M), Liv Rainey-Smith, Laura Tempest Zakroff, Tammie L. Dupuis

Delivery to Gargoyles in Seattle

Since I’m heading up to the Seattle area, I’ll be restocking my inventory at Gargoyles Statuary on Thursday, which means my newest pins—Bee and Sabbatic Goat—will be available there! If you already own some of my pins, now’syour chance to expand your collection with these newest additions.

The new Sabbatic Goat pin, coming soon to Gargoyles Statuary in Seattle!
The new Sabbatic Goat pin, coming soon to Gargoyles Statuary in Seattle!

On another important note, The High Art of Hand-Pulled Printmaking, which was originally scheduled to open this month will instead be opening on June 24th in the Collins Gallery at the Multnomah County Library in Portland. This show is intended to educate the public about the process of printmaking, so tools and materials will be on display alongside the completed woodcut prints. The show runs through September 3rd with a reception on July 1st.

After Norwescon, I’ll probably be scarce until May 15th, the deadline of my current project. I can’t release any details until it’s finalized, but suffice it to say a substantial body of new work is in the making. I look forward to sharing it with you!

Until next time,
Liv Rainey-Smith


Introducing the Krampus lapel pin

Krampus lapel pin concept

Krampus is designed from my original woodcut art. The lapel pin will be rendered in nickel-free 24k gold plate and soft enamel to give a bit of extra dimension to the pin. I expect to ship the finished pins in early November and will package them in paper jewelry boxes with tissue paper. (International customers ordering multiple pins, please note, in order to save you from much higher shipping fees, I will pack multiple pins into one jewelry box.)

The Krampus enamel pin will retail for $15, but if you pre-order before October 21st, you pay just $10.

Please note, because this is a pre-order there may be some slight changes to the design as the pins are made. Based on my experience with the Raven and Cthulhu pins, the most likely alteration will to be more metal around the perimeter of the enamel. If any major changes are necessary, I will message those who have already ordered with the updated concept art.

Order now via:

Etsy (USA & International shipping options)

Paypal (USA shipping only)

Wholesale pricing for orders of 12 pins or more is available, contact me for details.

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Introducing the Raven lapel pin (with a special pre-order price)

I’ve been a fan of lapel pins for years and enjoy collecting them. I love good quality pins because in addition to making lapels more exciting, they are lasting and portable keepsakes. Creating my own has been a personal goal for quite some time, so I’m excited to announce my first enameled lapel pin, the Raven. The Raven lapel pin is designed from my original woodcut art with a color scheme based upon a color artist proof. Rendered in gold plate and soft enamel with sandblasted elements (key and flames) to give a bit of extra dimension to the finished pin. As you can see in the concept art below, we’re packing a lot of detail into this sturdy little (1.25 inch) pin! The Raven pin will be priced at $15 each, but if you pre-order now, it will yours for just $10 plus $3 shipping within the USA.

This pre-order price offer ends as soon as the pins are finished, and production has already begun. Unless a delay arises, I expect the pins to be ready to ship before the end of July, so place your pre-order while you can!

Prefer to not use Paypal? You can also pre-order via my Etsy Store.

Please note, finished lapel pin will look slightly different from concept art because it will be an actual 3 dimensional object made of metal and enamel, not just pixels on your screen.


Ashes to Ashes

David Bowie has been an inspiration to me since childhood. I can remember watching the Glass Spider tour on TV, and dancing to “Fashion” and “Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) with my stuffed animals when they came on the radio. As a teenager I subscribed us to Bowienet internet service and was active in the online Bowie fan community, trading CDs with people all around the world — one online friend, even ended up working for him and got me his autograph. My mom and I traveled to New York City for his 50th birthday concert at Madison Square Garden — we stood in line hours to get a decent place on the floor. We still talk about it to this day. He was great to see live, and if I had a time machine, I’d use it to see shows from his entire career.

I’ve never admired another artist more, and I’m grateful he got to end with a successful musical and a haunting new album.

Thank you Mr. Bowie.