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Spring events and sale

Spirits emerging from the wood

The Outer Dark Symposium of the Greater Weird

I’ll be heading to San Jose, California this weekend to participate in The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird. For those not familiar with The Outer Dark, it is a podcast devoted to weird fiction. It is hosted by Scott Nicolay with Justin Steele, and Anya Martin. The bulk of the show is interviews with writers, editors, publishers, and artists in working in the realm of weird fiction; though they also periodically record and share relevant panel discussions. (Including one I participated in last year, Women in Weird Fiction.) The Symposium itself will be aired on future episodes of The Outer Dark, the official schedule is over 8 hours of panels and readings, so I suspect it will be spread over 4 or more episodes.

Although Symposium memberships are now sold out, if you’re in the area you can get a taste of the events with the Friday night Word Horde readings featuring Rios de la Luz, Michael Griffin, Scott R Jones, & Tiffany Scandal. Hosted by Ross E. Lockhart. See the Facebook event page for details.

West Coast Haunters Con

April 13-15th in Portland, Oregon, I’ll be vending at the West Coast Haunter’s Convention, an event dedicated to the art of creating professional and amateur haunted attractions. This will be my first time vending at the event and as a lifelong fan of physical effects and creature characters, I’m excited to be next to the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.  From what I’ve seen on social media, they’re usually do some amazing demos at events.

Beyond April, most of my schedule is not yet set in stone. May 20th is the planned launch date for the book I spent much of 2016 and 2018 creating woodcuts for, so after that date I’ll be free to exhibit and edition those woodcuts as I see fit. I will be sharing info on the title as soon as it is officially announced, until then, I’ve got editions to plan.

Enamel pin update

The Red Cthulhu enamel pins should be completed and ready to ship later next week. I expect to have the Phoenix done shortly afterwards, and the Babalon pin will be the last of the 3. If you ordered any these pins, I’ll be shipping yours as soon as all pins in your order are completed. All three pins are still available for preorder via my Etsy shop.

As an added bonus, I am taking part of Etsy’s Spring sale event March 22-29th. All bookmarks, cards, enamel pins, screen prints, and magnets are 15% off throughout.

Enamel pins H.P. Lovecraft

Enamel Pin Presale: Babalon, Phoenix, Cthulhu

At last, new enamel pins are in the works! I’m hitting you with 3 designs this time: Babalon, Phoenix, and Cthulhu. All are based on my original woodcut art. Like my other enamel pins, they will be made with nickel-free finishes, and two pin posts with butterfly clutches. Read on for specifics regarding each pin:

BABALON: Due to the level of detail involved in 8 heads on 1 pin, this will be my largest enamel pin to date (1.5 x 1.5 inches) and priced accordingly. I’ve opted for a black metal finish to more closely mimic the original woodcut. Please note, once I get to the the point of starting die production, I may find out the outer lines of this pin need to be altered with some filled space, similar to that currently between the Beast’s head and Babalon’s chalice hand. I will share updates if major design changes are necessary. $18



PHOENIX: With 8 colors, this will be my most colorful pin to date! At 1.25 wide the Phoenix will be at the same scale as the majority of my previous pins. My plan is for the area between the head and wings to be cut out, though there is some possibility I may need to alter the design when we get to the die stage. I will share updates if major design changes are necessary. $15




CTHULHU: I’ve always been partial to red for Cthulhu since it is a natural color for Humboldt (Devil) Squid, and the Giant Pacific Octopus. Now that my original run of traditional green Cthulhu pins is sold out, I’m making a single batch of “Red Devil Squid” pins. Depending on preorders, I’ll be making 100 to 200 pins. In addition to the new color scheme I’m adding a 2nd pin post to the back! There will be no design changes to this pin since the die is already made. 1.25 inches tall. $15

Estimated delivery date on all pins: late March or early April.


Preorder by March 1st and save $5 off each pin because early orders help me make the right amount of pins!

When you order pins direct from me, they’ll be packaged in paper jewelry boxes with a paper ribbon, so they’re ready for gift-giving! I even color coordinate the ribbons so you won’t have to guess at which is in which box. (International customers, please note, rather than charge you a whole lot more for shipping, I combine pins into single boxes. It’s not as pretty, but it saves you a lot of money.)

Not certain you want to preorder? Please take a look at my other pins and the feedback on them, I’ve got a great record on pin quality, and I aim to keep it.

Enamel pins Images

Cyber sale through November 30th

Etsy is having a special promotion running through the end of November, as part of this event, I am offering 20% off all cards, bookmarks, pins, screen prints, and magnets. You don’t need to do anything special to get the sale price, just place your order before the end of the month!

Not sure what to give? Krampus pins have been a hit this year and I ship them boxed with a paper ribbon bow as in the photo to the right. They’re gift ready — as are all of my lapel pins when you order them via my Etsy shop.

Each has a different ribbon color so if you order several you don’t need to open them to figure out which is which. Fizzgig for example, has a light sage green ribbon. Raven is packaged in black. Speaking of the Raven, the pins I’m now offering are a new batch with TWO pin posts instead of one. No more rotating Raven pins! I’ve also updated the enamel colors with a new darker red and blue.


Want to give some affordable art? I’ve been working on new serigraphs printed on an assortment of sustainably harvested wood veneers. (All grown here in the USA.) Hare is the latest available on 8×10″ birch, birdseye maple, cherry, and maple.

I also have an old favorite, the Stag drying right now, shipping will begin on 11/29/17. I’ve also been adding more $10 5×7″ screen print options including: Ardor and Krampus. All of the screen prints fit standard frame sizes and look great framed without glass.

Last but not least, I’ve just screen printed a fresh batch of Gruss vom Krampus cards, and am even offering a You’d Better Watch Out krampus card this year! Please note, because my cards are handmade, quantities available are limited.

This is just a small array of the art I create, so please take some time to browse the Xylographilia shop, and message me if you don’t see what you’re looking for!

Enamel pins Events

New pins are in the works

Goat-Hare-pin-ad-webBlack Goat & Hare enamel pins inspired by the magnificent goat Black Phillip, and based on my “Woodland Rites” woodcut art. Like my other enamel pins, both will be made with a nickel free finish, two pin posts with butterfly clutches, and will retail for $15 each. Also, when you order direct from me, they’ll be packaged in paper jewelry boxes with a paper ribbon, so if you’re not into gift-wrapping, I’ve got you covered.

Unlike my existing pins, Black Goat and Hare will be slightly different sizes. I wanted these pins to be able to be worn together without the Hare being as large as the Black Goat, so the Hare will be 1″ at its widest point, and the Black Goat will be 1.5″ tall. (My other pins are all 1.25″ scale.)

Special $10 pricing through November 2nd.

Upcoming Events

Want to see me in person? Here’s where and when you can find me:

Sunday, November 12, 2017 Siren Nation Art & Craft Sale from 10:00am to 4:00pm, McMenamin’s Kennedy School, Portland, OR

Saturday, December 2, 2017 da Vinci Middle School Art Fair from 10:00am to 4:00pm, da Vinci Middle School, 2508 NE Everett St, Portland, OR

Friday, December 15, 2017 Opening reception for my solo show at Gargoyle’s Statuary in Seattle, WA

Enamel pins

Fizzgig enamel pins now available for preorder


The newest addition to my line of enamel lapel pins is a depiction of my mother’s cat, Fizzgig. Those of you who follow me on social media are likely already familiar with this guy, and in fact many of you were instrumental in my decision to design a Fizzgig pin in the first place. (Had it not been for the sheer number of you who urged me to make one, it may never have happened!) For those of you who are just now getting acquainted with him, let me fill in a little backstory.

Fizzgig was adopted by my mother last summer when he was still a kitten. He had a bit of a rocky start in life: an accident left him with a broken leg, and rather than pay for his veterinary expenses, his first family chose to surrender him. He was taken in by Must Love Dogs NW—yes, that’s a dog rescue— at that point, Fizzgig was still just a handful of black and white fluff with a tiny cast on one of his rear legs. A foster family took him in and helped him heal until the cast could be removed. Since then, his leg has healed and he’s grown into a long, tall adult cat who my mom refers to as my “cat brother.”

Fizzgig is not only photogenic but, shall we say, quirky—even for a cat. He has a distinctly eccentric personality: playful, rambunctious, and with a decided preference for sitting on top of the kitchen cabinets. He’s a chewer and he plays fetch with his favorite toys. Many of our photos depict him lurking in some improbable location or other, like behind my mom’s microwave or in my canvas tote bag, or pulling a funny face. This pin was designed to capture him in an rare peaceful moment.

Pin details
The Fizzgig pin will be made with hard enamel and nickel-free black dyed metal. The pin will bear two sturdy posts and butterfly clutches. Like my prior enamel pins, it will measure 1.25″ tall, and be shipped carded in jewelry boxes. (International orders will be shipped with multiple pins in a single box so you need not pay a crazy amount of shipping.) I expect to ship the finished pins in early July.

Why should you order now?
Fizzgig pins will retail for $15, but to encourage early ordering (and help me make the right number of pins) pins ordered before June 6th will be $12 each.

Pledge to Must Love Dogs NW
In gratitude to the organization that brought him and my mom together, 10% from all Fizzgig pin sales will be donated to Must Love Dogs NW, to help them continue their mission to connect rescued pets with loving families. If you’d like to learn more about their work, and perhaps make a direct donation, check them out at

Fizzgig and ball

Enamel pins

Bee & Sabbatic Goat pins are complete!


The pins are done, and they look fantastic! I’m so happy with the silver tone finish of the Goat , and will definitely be making more pins with it in the future. I’m also very happy with the hard enamel, I might make it my regular enamel type from now one.

The only trouble with the Bee  pin is that it is SO SHINY! Photographing shiny objects has always been a challenge, and if I want truly good photos I’m going to need a photographer with a proper light box.

Now all that’s left to do is to apply the pins to cards, package them in boxes with tissue, cut and tie ribbon around the boxes, then ship out the pre-orders! Because I’ve made two pins at once this time, there will be many more pins than usual to package and ship. Thankfully my mom has offered to help, and my assistant Caitlin should be available to help as well. I believe we should be able to get all the work done over the weekend, so all should ship on Monday.

Enamel pins Events Images

The first enamel pins of 2017

Bee-and-goat-pin-shortThe three enamel pins I introduced last year were so well received I’ll be producing even more this year, starting with the Bee and Sabbatic Goat. Due to enthusiastic feedback from buyers, all new pins will be created with two post backs. I’ll be trying out my first silver tone finish on the Sabbatic Goat; although it won’t be silver due to tarnishing issues, it will be nickel-free. I’m also trying out hard enamel on these first two pins, which is polished flat instead of recessed like soft enamel. Please note, because this is a preorder there may be some slight changes to the design as the pins are made. Typically any changes made will be slight alterations. If a major change is required, I will share the updated concept art with those who have preordered.

Preorder special through February 10th

I expect to ship the finished pins in late March and will be packaging them in paper jewelry boxes much like my prior pins. Because early preorders help me produce the pins, orders placed through February 10th will be rewarded with a special price of $10 per pin! That’s $5 off the regular retail price of $15 each — I really do want early orders! Please visit my Etsy store for more information and ordering.

Note, I have not created Paypal buttons for these pins due to some issues with shipping via Paypal during the previous preorders. If you need to use Paypal for ordering, please e-mail me at liv.raineysmith @ with the following information: Which pin(s) you want, how many you want,  and your country. I will then send you a Paypal invoice.