Enamel pins H.P. Lovecraft

Enamel Pin Presale: Babalon, Phoenix, Cthulhu

At last, new enamel pins are in the works! I’m hitting you with 3 designs this time: Babalon, Phoenix, and Cthulhu. All are based on my original woodcut art. Like my other enamel pins, they will be made with nickel-free finishes, and two pin posts with butterfly clutches. Read on for specifics regarding each pin:

BABALON: Due to the level of detail involved in 8 heads on 1 pin, this will be my largest enamel pin to date (1.5 x 1.5 inches) and priced accordingly. I’ve opted for a black metal finish to more closely mimic the original woodcut. Please note, once I get to the the point of starting die production, I may find out the outer lines of this pin need to be altered with some filled space, similar to that currently between the Beast’s head and Babalon’s chalice hand. I will share updates if major design changes are necessary. $18



PHOENIX: With 8 colors, this will be my most colorful pin to date! At 1.25 wide the Phoenix will be at the same scale as the majority of my previous pins. My plan is for the area between the head and wings to be cut out, though there is some possibility I may need to alter the design when we get to the die stage. I will share updates if major design changes are necessary. $15




CTHULHU: I’ve always been partial to red for Cthulhu since it is a natural color for Humboldt (Devil) Squid, and the Giant Pacific Octopus. Now that my original run of traditional green Cthulhu pins is sold out, I’m making a single batch of “Red Devil Squid” pins. Depending on preorders, I’ll be making 100 to 200 pins. In addition to the new color scheme I’m adding a 2nd pin post to the back! There will be no design changes to this pin since the die is already made. 1.25 inches tall. $15

Estimated delivery date on all pins: late March or early April.


Preorder by March 1st and save $5 off each pin because early orders help me make the right amount of pins!

When you order pins direct from me, they’ll be packaged in paper jewelry boxes with a paper ribbon, so they’re ready for gift-giving! I even color coordinate the ribbons so you won’t have to guess at which is in which box. (International customers, please note, rather than charge you a whole lot more for shipping, I combine pins into single boxes. It’s not as pretty, but it saves you a lot of money.)

Not certain you want to preorder? Please take a look at my other pins and the feedback on them, I’ve got a great record on pin quality, and I aim to keep it.