Enamel pins

Fizzgig enamel pins now available for preorder


The newest addition to my line of enamel lapel pins is a depiction of my mother’s cat, Fizzgig. Those of you who follow me on social media are likely already familiar with this guy, and in fact many of you were instrumental in my decision to design a Fizzgig pin in the first place. (Had it not been for the sheer number of you who urged me to make one, it may never have happened!) For those of you who are just now getting acquainted with him, let me fill in a little backstory.

Fizzgig was adopted by my mother last summer when he was still a kitten. He had a bit of a rocky start in life: an accident left him with a broken leg, and rather than pay for his veterinary expenses, his first family chose to surrender him. He was taken in by Must Love Dogs NW—yes, that’s a dog rescue— at that point, Fizzgig was still just a handful of black and white fluff with a tiny cast on one of his rear legs. A foster family took him in and helped him heal until the cast could be removed. Since then, his leg has healed and he’s grown into a long, tall adult cat who my mom refers to as my “cat brother.”

Fizzgig is not only photogenic but, shall we say, quirky—even for a cat. He has a distinctly eccentric personality: playful, rambunctious, and with a decided preference for sitting on top of the kitchen cabinets. He’s a chewer and he plays fetch with his favorite toys. Many of our photos depict him lurking in some improbable location or other, like behind my mom’s microwave or in my canvas tote bag, or pulling a funny face. This pin was designed to capture him in an rare peaceful moment.

Pin details
The Fizzgig pin will be made with hard enamel and nickel-free black dyed metal. The pin will bear two sturdy posts and butterfly clutches. Like my prior enamel pins, it will measure 1.25″ tall, and be shipped carded in jewelry boxes. (International orders will be shipped with multiple pins in a single box so you need not pay a crazy amount of shipping.) I expect to ship the finished pins in early July.

Why should you order now?
Fizzgig pins will retail for $15, but to encourage early ordering (and help me make the right number of pins) pins ordered before June 6th will be $12 each.

Pledge to Must Love Dogs NW
In gratitude to the organization that brought him and my mom together, 10% from all Fizzgig pin sales will be donated to Must Love Dogs NW, to help them continue their mission to connect rescued pets with loving families. If you’d like to learn more about their work, and perhaps make a direct donation, check them out at

Fizzgig and ball