One last glance

One last look before blade touches wood

One last photo before carving begins! I need to spend today pulling prints for the “Starry Wisdom Library” anthology, so Cthulhu is going to have to wait until tomorrow to begin emerging from the wood. Meanwhile, the HPLFF Kickstarter has passed the 50% mark! Several of the unique higher level rewards have already been snatched up, but there are still many aweseome rewards available to backers!

If you can’t stand going a day without more process talk, have you seen the Three Hands Press interview about the Arcanum Bestiarum art? Not mentioned within the interview, Arcanum Bestiarum standard editions begin shipping this week! I am deeply excited to say the least; the gestation period on the book has been much longer than originally anticipated, but based on the previews I’ve seen, it is well worth the wait.