Transitional time

It is with great sorrow I must announce the passing of my father, R. Alan Rainey on October 9th. His death was not unexpected but has affected me profoundly. Because he was so proud of my work, I put on a brave face for the last weekend of Portland Open Studios, but since then I’ve had to retreat somewhat from the world. He was one of my greatest supporters and I feel his loss keenly.

Dad’s death came just as I am embarking upon my largest project to date. He was very excited about it (as am I) and I will be working on it as planned — neither of us would have it any other way. I will, however, be stepping back from most of my planned events for the next few months, and will not be teaching the Atelier Meridian woodcut workshop for the time being.

News updates will likely be sparse in the coming months, but I will have work in the OCAC student & alumni holiday sale Thanksgiving weekend, and online orders will be fulfilled as usual. Pieces of my work will also be appearing this month in group shows in the Chicago area, Vancouver, Washington, and Granada, Nicaragua.

Many thanks to you, my friends, family, patrons, and colleagues for your support and understanding.