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Where does the time go?

This year as been absolutely flying by, and now as I stare at my calendar it tells me there are only two weeks left until the Esoteric Book Conference. One of my favorite annual events, I’m extra excited this year as it will be my first as both a featured artist and an artist associated with Three Hands Press. I’ll be showing for the first time, the prints created for Children of Cain as well as a few other selected works. As wall space is limited, an even larger array of woodcuts will be available bagged and boarded including prints on goatskin and sheepskin parchment.

Danse Macabre woodcut in progress

As I prepare for the trip to Seattle, I’m also finishing up the block to the left. This will be printed as an edition of 15 for La Calaca Press’ “Calacas” themed print exchange. My inspiration is Hans Holbein’s “danse macabre” series depicting Death paying a visit to everyone from farmers to emperors. Scenes such as these were intended to remind the viewer of their own mortality and encourage proper moral behavior. I may have a few disagreements with traditional views as to what “proper” behavior constitutes, but recent reminders of the fragility of life have served to increase my drive to make the most of my life. Thus I wield the tools of my trade in response to that hourglass.

On the subject of making the most of it, I just found out I’m listed as an artist at The Lovecraft’s art fair tomorrow afternoon. I hadn’t been planning on participating this month, but my plans for tomorrow fell through earlier today, so I’ll be there with my full line of Lovecraft works from 3-6pm. Stop in and have a cold one!

Also on the 2nd and 3rd weekends of October you’ll be able to visit my studio during the Portland Open Studios Tour. I’ll be sharing the space with Carolyne Landon and we’ll both be demonstrating our techniques as well as answering questions and showing our work. All ages will be welcome and our studio is wheelchair accessible. Please visit the Portland Open Studios Tour website for more information about this annual event.