Catching up

Opening night before the crowd

The trip to California to attend the Necropolis opening at Congregation Gallery was well worth it. The much touted Carmaggedon was a bust, traffic was for the most part lighter than expected. (Many thanks to Maria for getting us out to visit Hyaena Gallery on Friday evening when the traffic was lousy.)

The Necropolis opening was absolutely packed; I doubt I met even half the other artists in attendance, it was just that busy. I’m glad we got at least one photo before the gallery filled up. I didn’t get many other photos of the opening, but Tatomir took some fantastic shots. You can also find images of all the work at the Congregation Gallery website as well as a couple of reviews at Creep Machine and Upon a Midnight Dreary. If you’re in the area, you need to visit this show before it ends because the photos and reviews are just a mere taste of what hangs upon those walls. Get in there, get up close, and get lost in the details. Many thanks to Cam Rackam for making it happen!

Opening night at OCAC's Hoffman Gallery

On the subject of shows, The Hunt (works based upon objects in the OHSU medical research archives) closes after tomorrow, July 27, 2011.

Visit The Hunt at:

The Hoffman Gallery on the
Oregon College of Art and Craft Campus
8245 SW Barnes Road,
Portland, OR 97225
Open 10am to 5pm

Cthulhu modeled by Roger D. Bones

Last but not least, my friends at SighCo are now producing t-shirts featuring my medieval style Cthulhu necronomicon page. It isn’t available online yet, but I will have a few large and extra large shirts available at the Lovecraft Fair at The Lovecraft Bar this Sunday July 31st from 3 to 6pm. This is my last event before I go into hermit mode to finalize preparations for the Esoteric Book Conference.